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The Enemy of the Good. Towards a Theory of Moral Progress


Dr. Hanno Sauer (PI)

I am an Assistant Professor of philosophy at Utrecht University. My main research topics are in moral psychology and empirically informed meta-ethics. I am interested in whether and how we can bring empirical data from diverse disciplines such as social psychology, neuroscience or cognitive science to bear on questions of normative and/or meta-ethical interest, and what the limits of this approach are.

Contact: h.c.sauer@uu.nl


Dr. Cecilie Eriksen (Post-doc)

I have a master’s degree in philosophy and a PhD in law, both from Aarhus University, Denmark. My main research area is moral philosophy (normative ethics and meta-ethics), and I also have an interest in moral anthropology and legal history. Recently, I have published on the topics of moral change as well as the thinking of K.E. Løgstrup and the later Wittgenstein.


Charlie Blunden (PhD student)

I have studied philosophy at the University of Reading, UK, and I have a research master’s degree in philosophy from Utrecht University. I’m interested in the interdisciplinary area between political philosophy, political science, psychology, and economics. I’m particularly interested in problems of ignorance and irrationality in democracies, and in how different institutional environments can scaffold or undermine human cognition and motivation.


Paul Rehren (PhD student)

Before joining the project, I studied philosophy and physics at Bielefeld University, Germany, and completed a master’s degree in liberal studies at Duke University, USA. I’m interested in various topics at the intersection of moral philosophy and psychology. Most recently, I’ve been involved in research projects on moral framing effects, the stability of moral judgment over time, and moral narratives.


Dario Cecchini (Visiting PhD student)

I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Genoa (Italy). Formerly, I studied philosophy at the University of Florence and at the Scuola Normale in Pisa. I am currently in Utrecht at the department of philosophy as a visiting PhD student. I’m mainly interested in meta-ethics and moral psychology. My research project aims to provide a philosophical and empirically informed understanding of moral intuition, its role in moral knowledge, reasoning, and virtue.